Memory Span

A nice game to test your memory span

What is it?

Test your memory span and try to improve your score over time. Your memory span is the number of items you can repeat back in correct order immediately after presentation. With this game you can test your memory span with:

  • digits
  • letters
  • a mix of digits and letters


To open memory span from your own app and get back the score as a String:

Intent uri = Intent.parseUri("");
startActivityForResult(uri, 1);

or with

Intent i = new Intent();
i.putExtra("game", 0);
i.putExtra("number_of_symbols", 1);
i.putExtra("number_of_repetitions", 2);
startActivityForResult(i, 1);


  • 0 for digits game, 1 for letters game and 2 for mixed game
  • Default is 0
  • The number of symbols the user starts with
  • Default is 1
  • How many rounds/repetitions before an extra digit is added
  • Default is 2

The returned String will be something like 10, 6, 4. Where 10 is the total score, 6 the score of the first round (normal order of symbols) and 4 the score for the second round (reversed order of symbols).


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