Speed Skate Points

An app to calculate your points

What is it?

Calculate speed skate points on your Android device according to ISU rules article 265 paragraph 3. Or give a value for the points and calculate the times you need to skate. You can make your own combination of distances. In free and paid version:

  • Times -> Points
  • Points -> Times
  • Share your times/points
In paid version only:
  • Competition. (You can change the time by pressing the name of a skater.)
  • Choose the type of skater you are, so calculate times better fitting your talent. (Free version uses Allrounder2)
Only when you choose for al distances (in paid version):
  • Save times for later use
  • Load times from SpeedskatingResults.com (Unknown how long this will be supported)


Paid version

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Trial version

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