Time Trial Stopwatch

A useful competition stopwatch

What is it?

This is no ordinary stopwatch, but a stopwatch to use during a time trial where the athletes start at a fixed interval.

  • The names of the participating athletes can be loaded from a textfile or the names can be entered manually.
  • During the time trial athletes can be added or renamed.
  • If an athlete misses the fixed start time, then the time can be corrected during the time trial.
  • The cells of the finished athletes will show the final time.
  • The time of athletes currently performing, is green and the time of athletes waiting to start, is red.
  • Ten seconds before the start of an athlete the time will count down with tenths of seconds.
  • Can also be used at a running competition by setting the interval to zero.
Only in paid version
  • The results can be saved to a ".csv" file after (and during) the time trial.
  • Add more then 10 athletes


Paid version

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Trial version

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